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Check Defense LLC is the premier services provider of training, cross-cultural communications, learning solutions, IT, strategic communications and Intelligence services to federal and commercial entities.

It’s landing pages are in WordPress. The portal has full hiring manager, file sharing ,  user/group based roles, employee manager

Techonology used : Angular, Cakephp3, WordPress, Mysql

Pacific Grooming is a professional pet grooming & pet salon, they provide service across Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Brea, Buena Park, Fullerton, Orange, Placentia, Villa Par & Yorba Linda . Leaping logic have successfully designed & developed the website for Pacifistic Grooming ensuring the maximum satisfaction of the client.

Oak Grove Technologies blends the depth of our training expertise with the right technical proficiencies to deliver game-changing solutions. Their capabilities are not confined to the boundaries of markets. We offer all of our capabilities to Department of Defense, government agencies, Law Enforcement, healthcare, commercial and non-profit organizations.

Oak Grove provides expertise and services across six technical specializations: Learning Solutions, Training, Intelligence Services, Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC), Strategic Communications, Technology.

Easy Rental Booking & Management. Point of sale, e-commerce & back-office rental software for the modern rental company

Rentmy turn-key platform offers everything, including:
Online Payment Processing
Reporting & Accounting
Customer Relationship Management/User profile management
Alerts, Reminders and Receipting
Social Media integrations
And too many more to list

StockGitter is an international financial platform that connects People, Markets & Institutions. Our aim is to allow everyone to realize the opportunities available in the Stocks, Forex, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Treasury Markets on one platform. We are the first International collaboration financial platform in this industry. The application allows users to engage in financial discussions, share ideas and connect to local and global markets to empower investments & trading.

Discussions and sharing ideas depicts only one aspect of Stockgitter. We are breaking down barriers by allowing individuals who are interested in trading in other countries to use our system to determine eligibility instantly.  Provide our users with exact documents that are needed and brokers that they can successfully create an account with.

StockGitter’s aim is to:

Clearly and easily display markets around the world on one platform.
Eliminate the notion that you must be rich to a make good financial investments.
Become the middle entity allowing users to connect with financial institutions and receive the best offers.
Capture relevant news in real time to allow users to be prepared for investing.

Bootique Costume is an API based real time rental & eCommerce platform made with AngularJs

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