Online Ordering For Small Businesses

Times are tough and people are busy.  Many people prefer online ordering with pickup or delivery over the traditional in-restaurant or in-store experience.  Local, small businesses find it hard to compete with large chains with big wallets.
Local developer Stan Baker and local marketer Nicole Ouellette have teamed up to offer discounted services and access to software to create an easy-to-deploy solution.

This solution includes:

  • domain name (ex
  • up to 50 items in your online order website with delivery and/or pickup option for checkout
  • weekly traffic report and order data sent to your email
  • online ad campaign to launch
  • ability to pay for this solution over time ($149/month for six months)

If you’d like additional services, want to add more as you go, or whatever, we can talk about that! This solution is meant to give businesses a way to move forward NOW.

Below is a demo of what we have to start. We’ll customize it to your business but wanted to give an idea of how it works first with our very fake restaurant: Pizza And Things!

Still aren’t sure? Give us a call at 207-613-5344 or email us through the contact form of this site. But if you are ready to get started officially, fill out the form below!

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