Zwift workout Jon's Short Mix in Less than an hour to burn including all workout details, workout description, wattages/%FTP and cadences.

Try to ride 4-6 days per week varying between shorter, high-intensity rides and longer, low-intensity rides. The best Zwift setup for every budget: burn fat and get stronger without leaving the house ... 'Less than an hour to burn' high-tensity sessions designed by Zwift to maximise your time.

Here are some you may want to try: Foundation (day 1 of week 1 of the “6 wk Beginner FTP Builder” workout module).
The workouts each take less than an hour to complete, ... His niche recently has been time-crunched athletes looking to squeeze as much fitness from 5-8 hours a week as possible. To start off, when you log into Zwift the next screen you see has changed. Zwift workouts coach you to become a better athlete.

When going above the 2-hour mark for a low-intensity endurance ride it would be advisable to take on a small amount of carbohydrate such as a banana or a gel.” The longer you ride, the more you should eat. To burn fat best, increase your ride durations (1.5 – 3+ hours) at a zone 1 – 2 intensity (40 – 75% of FTP).
Modeled as a GPS-accurate replica of the famous Alpe d’Huez, its 21 hairpin turns average 8.5%, and riders climb 1035 meters (3,396′) over 12.2 km (7.6 miles) to reach the summit. Zwift workout Emily's Short Mix in Less than an hour to burn including all workout details, workout description, wattages/%FTP and cadences. “When training for up to 2 hours at this level, we have more than enough carbohydrates stored in the body to fuel the workout. At the top, there is the option to select Workout mode, join another rider, or conversely select the orange “Ride” button at the bottom. Ongoing improvements to the game continue with MeetUps with better functionality - invite up to 100 people, more world choices and meet-up only view.

「Less than an hour to burn」直訳すると”燃焼するのに1時間未満” 一時間未満で燃え尽きられるやつですね。まずはこちらのメニューからやっていきたいと思います。 ちなみに、初めてこの記事に到達された方向けに下記のような記事もあります。 SST (Short) (inside the “Less than an hour to burn” workout module). パワーメーターがないとあくまで参考程度ですが、画面の指示に従って漕いでいるとZwiftが算出してくれます。 ②Less than an hour to burn. The more days you ride per week the more calories you will consume. 50 minutes of low-intensity riding that teaches pacing and builds endurance.

Alpe du Zwift is by far the longest, hardest, most intimidating climb in game. What you think of it, good enough to keep fitness, or not enough time in each zone? Zwift, the global online training platform, has released 24 new workouts. 1時間以内で終わるメニューです。 インターバルっぽくて時間短めの「The Wringer」ってメニューをやってみたのですが、 Zwift Workout Mode.

16 new run workouts and 8 cycle workouts are being introduced into the game as stand-alone workouts.

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