Mobiscroll date and time picker2

You see date pickers on many of the sites that you visit every day.  Some of them are easy to use and others don’t seem intuitive. I am sure you have used plenty of date pickers that cause frustration.  In over 10 years of building web and mobile applications, I have come across and installed many of these date pickers.

For one of our biggest projects, we needed a date picker that could also be used to pick times as we needed to allow customers to select their rental date ranges as well as rental start and Rental end times.

I looked at Mobiscroll a few years ago and decided that it was too expensive.  Since then, I have installed multiple date pickers and none of them could handle the functionality that we needed while providing a good user experience.  Finally, we were happy with the web app experience, but the mobile experience was seriously lacking.

Mobiscroll date and time picker

I decided to revisit Mobiscroll and seriously consider its benefits.  Mobiscroll is a mature product and a robust tool.  It is a strong option compared to any date picker.  I recognized that I could have saved many, many man-hours of development and rework by buying a solution that has already been developed and tested thoroughly on a multitude of sites.  I purchased a complete license for Mobiscroll as I plan to use it in various web and mobile applications due to its superior features and user experience.  I do recommend using it on your project as well.

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